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Wireless.....undoubtedly the most misunderstood technology in networking today. For those familiar with the technology, you'll find a few pages here that explain things like Standard packet header information, path loss calculation and cellular signal strength readings and typical 50 Ohm conversion calculations. Additionally, for convenience, I've provided links to the standards setting body IEEE, for a thorough explanation of current standards.

802.11a/bGood Info on ISM Wireless
UHF/VHF/Microwave How it works
Conversion for dB Watts and power for 50 Ohm stuff
RFQSL Information for the Creative
IEEE site for wireless standards and working groups
Cell Phone Field Test modes and codes
IPhone Field Test modes and codes
More Cell Test Codes and another bunch of phone test modes and codes
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Bonsai Care and Maintenance Guide Bonsai Care and Maintenance Guide

I've got an affinity for plants. I suppose that came about from my mother, who is quiet the botanist. Over the years, I've killed hundreds of them! Not intentionally, but that's how I've learned what I know about keeping various species, and eventually, what got me into Bonsai. I've killed my share of Bonsai as well, but have slowly begun to understand what it takes to maintain a healthy plant, bonsai or "other".
Because of my location in the world, Zone 7, according to the USDA, I can only keep certain species of plants. As a result, this page and my interest are mostly related to the species I CAN keep.

Night Blooming Cereus Bloom, Growth and care information
Bonsai Care and Maintenance Guide developed over time by killing many trees!
Introduction to keeping Bonsai plants and what to expect.
Principles of bonsai, wiring, and practice.
Choosing a style that works for the plant
Obtaining plants from your local shop
Shaping your bonsai for best results
Potting bonsai in the right soil
Seasonal care tips to keep you from freezing you plant!
Propagating your own bonsai, but only if you just can't buy more anywhere
Displaying your bonsai for all your friends to see and enjoy

Wright Flyer airplaneAircraft

Flying...short of Space Travel, flying is probably the most exciting invention of recent history. Possibly all time. When Orville Wright first launched in December of 1903, the world still did not understand what boundaries had been crossed. Since then, mankind has pressed the limits of aerodynamics, manufacturing technologies and aeronautical engineering beyond what could have been imagined in the early 1900's. Even so, we are quiet young in our understanding and development path of aeronautics. Consider this; the propeller used by Orville Wright has been analyzed by today's standards for efficiency, and was thought to peak at 82% in tunnel test! What have we really learned? Or were the Wright brothers just lucky?

The Wright Flyer and how it came to fly
PlanetX SplashJust what it says
JR 7202 Programming Instructions for Ultra Stick airplane
My airplanes, and a little about the construction


Amateur Radio, or Ham Radio as some call it has been a good hobby to me. Like most hobbies, you can get into it as deeply as you want. For me, it was a reason to go back to school and drill down on some electronics courses I always wanted to take. For others, simply "rag chewing" satisfies their needs.
With the recent changes made by the FCC, Morse Code is no-longer a requirement to work the HF bands. This change allows Amateur Radio operators to work ALL parts of the world on the HF bands, and hopefully will result in more "newbies" picking up the hobby.
Unless you're retired, you'll probably want to focus on certain aspects of Amateur Radio (for time sake). For me, those areas of focus are QRP, Satellite Operation, Numbered Station monitoring, and several of the popular Data Modes. Hope you enjoy these pages...

Doccumentation on working the Easy Satts
Operational Amateur Satellites Frequency and Mode Information
Amsat.org site for info and Keplerian Elements
PSK QSO Proposed frequencies
The Fundamentals of PSK - Peter Martinez G3PLX
Kenwood TS-700A specifications
Uniden Bearcat 200XL Manual
Documentation on increasing scan speed
Kenwood TH-D7AG Yahoo newsgroup
Information on the Kenwood TH-D7 HT radio

PC Hard DrivePC Reference

Here, you will find an all inclusive reference for absolutely everything you could ever need to know about PC's. Here we go...IF you use a PC, throw it away and by a Mac. Second, if you have reason to believe there is a PC on your network, use the link below to find out the manufacturer, based on the mac. With this information, you can walk around, find the PC, and throw it away. I recommend you destroy the machine so that some poor soul doesn't dig it out of a dumpster and try to use it! See...that's all you need to know about PC's. If you'd like a second opinion on this, see this Link

IEEEIEEE Registered Mac Address database

Mac Links

No posting's yet. Check back later.

Spinning Earth Space

Voyager I and II Data and Mision Statement
Space Picutre of the Day
ISS International Space Station Sighting's

Sony CamcorderDigital Video / Photography

DCR-TRV17Sony Camcorder documentation
IEC International Electrotechnical Commission - Published the DV standard IEC61834
The REAL information on DV

Information buttonMisc. Info

Fishing Pictures of Deep Sea Trip back in 1999, before limits on Red Snapper :)
Samantha Pictures
Acronyms and Abbreviations
Pavilion of Polyhedreality
RX-7 IndexMazda's RX-7 and Rotary Motor Information
Wankel Rotary Engine Geneology beginning in 1935 thru current times
A few pictures I've found on the WTC/Pentagon horror of 9-11-01
Pioneer GPS manual in case you need it.

Neat Sites I've found on the Net
Link Exchange

ARRL Call sign database:
International Call Sign:    

My Click for Memphis, Tennessee Forecast

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