Night Blooming Cereus Bud to Bloom - 2013

For detailed information on the plant, scientific data on growth rates, blooms size and care, see Night Blooming Cereus Care guide.

This plant began blooming around mid September of 2013. Below I've listed out some daily shots demonstrating growth rate and the interesting changes the bud goes thru as it reaches maturity.

Almost time for the bud to open


Picture(s) taken on 9-24-13. Sorry for this firt pic being so terrible. I've got some more I'm working to put up soon.

Picture(s) taken on 9-28-13.

Picture(s) taken on 9-30-13.

Picture(s) taken on 10-4-13.

Picture(s) taken on 10-5-13.

Here you can see the bud is really pushing some good lenght now. You can almost see the growth occurring! This Epiphyllum oxypetalum, or Night Blooming Cereus, is only hosting one bud this year; in years past I've had up to 7 blooms on one plant. To encourage blooming I reccomend a fish emulsion product, as these plants like to feed while preparing for a bloom. In the winter time, cease feeding. This bud was produced from the aureole of the plant, not a stalk. As such, the cereus is really putting a strain on the rest of the leaf. I've seen them produced from the leggy stalks of the plant as well. They tent to be a little larger flowers when grown off stalks of the cereus in my opinion.

Picture(s) taken on 10-6-13.

Picture(s) taken on 10-7-13.

Picture(s) taken on 10-8-13.

Picture(s) taken on 10-10-13.

Picture(s) taken on 10-11-13.

You can see here that the cereus bud is beginning to turn upwards. What I've noticed is when this begins, the bud will usually open 8 days after this upward turn begins. Plan your menu and call the friends...your cereus is preparing for the main act.

Here the bud is starting to point upwards. This indicates that we are days away from a bloom. Usually about 7-8 days from the first tip upwards the cereus will open. Predicting the bloom time is important so you can invite your friends and plan the party. I'll be posting pictures thru the event for those of you that can't attend my Night Blooming Cereus part this year.

One other comment on the bloom today. Contrary to what you may read elsewhere, the night blooming cereus blooms do not smell pleasing. They stink. Bottom line. The fragrance can only be described as strong, offensive and unforgettable.

Picture(s) taken on 10-12-13.

Picture(s) taken on 10-13-13.

Picture(s) taken on 10-15-13.

Picture(s) taken on 10-17-13.

The night blooming cereus bloom was confused this year. The day before the plant bloomed the temperature dropped to 45 degrees. This confused the plant and stunted the bloom somewhat. The plant began to open the bloom during the day on the 18th. By the time night fell, the plant had already opened the blooms and started the show. We had the traditional "bloom party", and celebrated anyways. Each time these plants bloom, I find it very rewarding. I have some cuttings of these plants that I'm growing now and will be selling them on ebay if you are interested. Check out my ebay store, listed under planethobby. Maybe you can get a cereus to bloom too!

Picture(s) taken on 10-18-13.