Displaying Your Bonsai

Indoor display

Before you bring your bonsai indoors to display them, water them first and let them drain well. Wipe all dirt and dampness from the container.

Bonsai look well placed in front of a plain wall on a raised stand. The Japanese display bonsai on a platform raised a few inches above the floor in one corner of the living room. Paintings and scrolls are hung against the wall at the back. Other objects, such as ceramic ware and flower arrangements,are grouped with the bonsai on the platform.

If you set bonsai on a low stand or table, try using a small Japanese folding screen behind it. These stands can be purchased in oriental stores. It's a good idea to contrast the shape of the stand with the bonsai container; the height of the stand should harmonize with the height of the tree.

Bonsai in the garden

Formal Upright Mugho Pine
Fig. 14 -- Bonsai tables for garden display
are high enough to prevent cascaded plants
from touching the ground. The lath overhead
provides shade for the plants.

Display bonsai in the garden on simple shelves set on concrete blocks. Place the shelves against an outside wall away from trees, and protect them from the sun. Other good locations for bonsai are slat benches and decks, either in the garden or adjoining the house. (See fig. 14.) Bonsai in large containers look better displayed alone. Place them on some kind of stand, rather than setting them on the ground.
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