IPhone Field Test Modes and Codes

For those that need to see what's going on with cell phone towers, station ID's, signal strength and more, here are some codes to put in your IPhone

First, dial *3001#12345#* and press the Call button. This puts you into field test mode on the iPhone. Be careful, this mode is designed for technician access only and can cause unwanted results of you change things.
As you would expect to see in Field Test Mode, you'll see menus for information on;
Tower Strength
Tower ID
Receive Signal Strength
GPRS Information
Call Information
Version Information
RF Channels
RF Quality
IP Address of iPhone
Carrier ID (AT&T is 410 btw)
and more...

One interesting note here is that you could essentially survey the AT&T network using the Field Test Mode on the iPHone and determine locations where they have poor coverage. If you're looking at installing a Cell Phone repeater system, this information will be invaluable in the design of your system and antenna selection. Gain and RSSI are values needed to accurately configure such system for interaction with the Cell Network.