ANTENNA THEORY AND BASICS Antenna Basics and Theory -- WOW -- See this One -- From Navy Training Series Antenna Basics and Theory -- From Ian C. Purdie, VK2TIP Antenna Basics and Theory -- Excellent Tutorial From Scott's Pages Antenna Basics and Theory -- Excellent From Integrated Publishing Antenna Tutorial -- From AeroCom Antenna Basic Radiation Theory-- From The ARRL Antenna Basics and Theory -- Excellent - From VK2DQ Antenna Construction Tips -- Metals to use. 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Purdie, VK2TIP Baluns - W8JI Antenna Articles Toroid Balun Winding * Balun and Transformer Core Selection * Transmitting Baluns Capture Area Of Antennas - From Sommer Antennas Choosing Wire For An Antenna Coaxial Cable Trap Building -- BY Greg Ordy W8WWV Dipole End Insulator Installation -- Lots of photos From NorthWest Antennas Electromagnetic Waves and Antennas - By Sophocles J. Orfanidis Lots Of Math Feed-Lines & Impedance Matching - From "Your Remote S-Meter" Pages Ground & Radial Systems -- From Butternut Ground and Radial Systems -- From SteppIR Antennas Ground Characteristics, Lightning Protection Grounds, Radio Frequency Grounds, and Practical Grounding Systems. From "Your Remote S-Meter" Pages Ground Systems -- From W8JI Height Of Dipoles - Patterns By AA3RL Lightning Protection -- Four Articles Loaded Antennas - From Tom W8JI Noise -- Technical article about noise and receiving/ receiving antennas From Tom W8JI QuarterWave Antenna installation notes -- includes ground/raised radial info -- From Butternut Radials and Ground Systems -- From Butternut Radials and Ground Systems -- From SteppIR Radiation And Fields -- From Tom W8JI Radiation Resistance -- From Tom W8JI Slingshot method for hanging SkyWires Stacking Yagi Antennas -- From the ARRL Stacking Yagis -- Same band and different bands -- From G3SEK Stacking Yagis -- From Grantronics Stacking Yagis - From Astron Wireless Transmission lines, coax, swr, waveguides -- loaded with info. From AllAboutCircuits Traps -- Excellent From Tom W8JI Vertical Antennas - Dirty Little Secrets, Ground/Radial Systems - Click On Tech Notes Vertical Antenna Design -- Trap and Loading Coil Losses With Vertical Antennas By W0DN The Effects of VSWR on Transmitted Power --By James G. Lee, W6VAT Simple Z Match Tuner - Via Lloyd Butler VK5BR MAJOR ANTENNA PAGES The Antenna Elmer By AC3L & N3LSS -- Design your own HF/VHF/UHF dipoles, Folded dipoles, Inverted Vees, Ground Plane, Half Wave Vertical, 5/8 Wave Vertical, Quads, 2 Meter Beams, Quarter wave line matching and lots more. The DxZone has nearly 600 Antenna Articles Antenna Topics From G3YCC -- Loaded with antenna projects -- At least 20+ projects to choose from. Includes info on the Autek and MFJ259 Antenna Analyzers. ARRL Antenna Projects Web Page -- Includes Beams/Yagis, Dipoles, J-Poles, Loops, Mobiles, Quads, Slopers, Trapped Antennas, Verticals, Other HF Antennas, VHF Antennas Antennas A Bunch -- From Ham Radio Spectrum Dr. Ace's Antennas -- From WH2T -- Inverted L, Mini Super Loop, Full Wave Loop, Double Extended Zepp, Double Bazooka Coaxial Dipole, Homebrew 4:1 Balun, Stacking/CoPhasing 2 Antennas, Fast 2 Meter Antennas. Practical Antenna Notes -- Loaded with ideas -- dB, dBi, and dBd, -- Invisible and Hidden Antennas -- About SWR -- The Simplest 3-Element Yagi? --- All Via L. B. Cebik Antenna Application Notes -- From Eagle 1St -- Antenna and Feedline Measurements, Return Loss Bridge Basics, Duplexer Tuning using Bridge, Replaceable Pin "N" Connector, Reflected Power Measurements, Spectrum Analyzer Measurements. This document has been recently upgraded to take advantage of the CSS system and have also added a button to allow the note to be downloaded as a PDF. See URL http://eagle-1st.com/notes/aandf/af.htm Antenna Design and Software From G4FGQ -- Loaded -- many antenna design programs, coax rating, ferrites and toroids, Groundwave propagation, much much more. N4UJW Antenna Design Lab --- Loaded N0LX Antenna Page - Lots of Mobile Antennas W8JI Antenna Articles -- Receiving * Crossfire Phasing * Transmitting * Combiner and Splitters * Toroid Balun Winding * Balun and Transfomer Core Selection * Omega and Gama Matching * Detuning Towers * Radiation Resistance * Transmitting Baluns * Traps * Loading Inductors * Radiation and Fields * E-H Antenna * Phasing Systems * Mobile and Loaded Antennas Shortened HF Antennas --By VE3FHM Massive Antenna Page -- From "Your Remote S-Meter" Pages